• Dec 5, 2019, 15:48 PM

Leaf Collection Update: Services Continuing in to Next Week

Waste Management is currently running trucks in Gurnee and is working through every route in Gurnee. The program will complete pickup of all routes by the end of next week. Trucks this week have been through the Northeast corner of the Village (east of US-41), off Old Grand/Delany, off Gillings Dr, Westgate neighborhood, and today they are working off Lawson Blvd/Route 21 to include areas such as Pinewoods, Prairie Oaks, Boulders, and Fuller Road (north and south of Grand and all streets off of that). Trucks are starting to work in to Lawson Boulevard north of Beechwood for the Pembrook area today and in to tomorrow. A truck is also working in Fairway Ridge and has completed the northern section, and one side of the streets on the southern section. The remainder is scheduled to be finished tomorrow. Another truck is working through Southridge and has so far been working in the northern section off Washington. Trucks are also scheduled to work in the University Park area west of US-41 today and tomorrow.

Stonebrook Estates/Woodside Park is getting trucks in today and tomorrow. Waste Management is also targeting finalizing Providence Oaks south of New Haven and getting trucks in to Providence Village tomorrow. South Road / Fuller Road and all areas East of US-41 are also on target for completion this week.

Following this pickup this week, trucks will focus attention early next week on areas such as Stonebrook Crossings, and the western areas of Gurnee including Ravinia Woods, Timberwoods, Bittersweet woods, areas off Dada Dr, and all of the other neighborhoods in the western area of Gurnee north of Washington and south of Grand Avenue. There are other neighborhoods beyond what was mentioned, and they are on schedule for pickup next week. We are closely monitoring progress to ensure every route is completed by next week and will continue to check off areas as the program progresses.

Once routes have been completed one additional time by mid-next week, Waste Management will run another one final sweep to pick up any remaining spots. They are committed to ensuring pickup is completed throughout the community before winter, weather permitting. The current forecast is positive and we will do everything we can to help ensure a final pickup for all streets is completed before the season is finalized, weather permitting.

We thank you for your patience with the program. 

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