• Jan 15, 2020, 15:06 PM

Ethylene Oxide Update #30: January 15, 2020

In this update includes:

  • Fourth set of results from the 2nd phase of ambient air monitoring received
  • Results included eight days of testing between December 4th – December 25th
  • Testing originally through January 2020 and is funded by the IEPA
  • Testing extended an additional 30 days through February 2020.

The Lake County Health Department has received the fourth set of results from the second phase of ethylene oxide (EtO) air sampling. The fourth set of samples were collected on eight separate days from December 4th to December 25th, 2019. This phase is being funded by the Illinois Environmental Protection Agency. 

The results of the testing can be viewed at:

The spreadsheet of all results is available at:

In addition, Lake County Health Department Executive Director Mark Pfister recently announced that the second phase of sampling is being extended an additional 30 days through February 2020.  The County has requested this extension as Medline Industries of Waukegan continues to work towards compliance with Public Act 101-0022 (SB1852).  The Act required improvements in place 180 days after the effective date of the legislation.  Medline was not able to meet this requirement and subsequently ceased operations in mid-December.  Improvements are expected to be operational in the coming weeks, therefore sampling will be extended to collect additional data post-emission control installation. 

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