Minutes of the Regular Meeting of the Gurnee Emergency Telephone System Board - March 13, 2012


Meeting called to order at 10:02 am by Chairman Velkover
Present – Velkover, Friedl, Lambert, Schwarz, Mann, Marquardt, Muetz
Absent – Burkhart, Kincaid


Minutes of the 01/17/2012 Regular Meeting

Velkover advised that a number of corrections had been forwarded to him prior to the meeting. Page 2, 3rd paragraph, last sentence should read “Velkover asked if more testing is being performed”. Bottom of page 2, address should read “4247 Grove Avenue”. For the Report on APCO/NENA Conference, 3rd sentence should read “Marquardt advised that”. On page 4 under the Budget Committee Proposal, first paragraph, the last sentence should read “also any future ESI-Net activity”. Page 5 under APCO as an EMD Vendor, 2nd sentence should read “They looked at APCOs”.

Motion to accept the minutes as amended by Friedl, 2nd by Muetz
All Ayes - Motion Carried

Velkover noted changes in the structure of the agenda. A Public Comment section has been added, and the structure of the Village Board agendas used as a reference.

Correspondence and Communications

OMA Training Requirement

Velkover noted that the training referenced needs to be completed by all board members who have not been through it by January 1st, 2013.

Comcast NENA i2

Velkover noted a letter from Comcast regarding a change in call information delivery. Velkover asked if the changes increased compliance with the NENA standards. Marquardt advised that he had not reviewed the information.

Illinois APCO / NENA Legislative Fact Sheet in support of Illinois HB 5541 and HB 5542

Illinois General Assembly – Bill Status of HB5541 – Wireless 911-Surcharge

Illinois General Assembly – Bill Status of HB5542 -Next Generation Emergency Telephone System Act

Marquardt advised on both bills, in speaking with Madigan, this will likely stay in rules and nothing will be done until fall session due to the election year. Velkover outlined the changes in wireless surcharge revenues proposed in HB5541, including an increase of $0.05 per subscriber monthly. The second bill establishes a framework for Next Generation 9-1-1 implementation. Marquardt added that May of 2013 is the deadline for the expiration of the current surcharge.

Mission Critical Partners Chosen to Support Joint Legislative Committee of Illinois NENA & APCO Chapters

Velkover noted that Mission Critical Partners was chosen as a consulting firm on 9-1-1 issues by NENA & APCO. Historically the Gurnee ETSB had worked with Ehlert & Associates for 9-1-1 issues, and RCC Consultants on radio projects with successful results. He also mentioned Kimball & Associates as a noteworthy firm.

FEMA Emergency Alert System (EAS) -National EAS Test Considered a Success Despite Issues

Velkover asked if there were issues resulting from the EAS testing. Marquardt stated that despite initial concerns there were minimal issues in the center if any. Schwarz asked if there had been calls regarding a false activation of a tornado warning by Comcast, as he had seen the alert personally.


Treasurer’s Report – May 1, 2011 – February 29, 2012

Chairman Velkover briefly presented the report. Revenues totaled $276,376 and expenditures totaled $166,978 year to date for a net gain in the fund. Velkover entertained discussion, there was no further discussion made about the report.

Chairman Velkover thanked Diane Lembesis for preparing the report.

Motion to approve – Schwarz, 2nd by Marquardt
All Ayes - motion carried

Communications Statistics

Velkover asked Marquardt to review the three set of statistical reports.

Calendar Year 2011, December 2011, and January 2012

Marquardt reiterated the police calls for service in 2011 were down. He added that police calls for service were up for the early portion of 2012, and that nothing in the yearly totals appeared unusual. A breakdown of EMD calls were added in part for billing purposes. Marquardt stated the fire calls were in line with the previous year. Chief Friedl advised there was a small discrepancy between Firehouse and the 2011 year end stats. Marquardt advised he will look into the discrepancy.

Marquardt advised EMD percentage is down slightly and comes down to the “customer service” area issues. He also discussed about how all Quality Assurance will be eventually done within the Equature recording software. All Quality Assurance evaluation is now being done by the communications center staff and no longer by the fire department. Chairman Velkover asked what the advantage was for communications staff doing the reviews versus fire personnel. Marquardt advised due to fire department personnel’s other duties, vacations, etc. evaluations were falling behind. He also advised when the EMD program was first started you had to have a fire medic involved in the process of evaluation and the program no longer requires that. This again was mainly due to customer service areas of evaluation. Velkover asked if Marquardt felt communications staff was more qualified or less busy than fire personnel. Marquardt responded that the changes would be on the customer service side of things. Velkover asked if there were procedural issues with the delivery of the scripted information. Marquardt described a desire for the EMD portion to better fit into a customer service initiative. Velkover believed the board should be involved in at least discussion of
changes in the EMD program in the future, as it is funded by the board. Velkover stated that EMD was discussed at the January meeting without any mention of these changes, and asked if the changes were being considered at that time. Marquardt stated that discussions regarding the change were in progress at that time. Marquardt advised some
re-training is being done on the PDI and PAI sections.

Wireless 911
Update on Phase I (WRLS) vs. Phase II (WHP2) Mapping Results and Re-Bid Procedures

Velkover asked if work was done with Eric Venden on this issue. Marquardt stated that he had believed there was bad data coming in from the telco and throwing off the lat/long for Phase I, and there were pin mapping issues mainly with Newport Fire calls. A day of testing was conducted, and the telco information was found to be accurate. With the issue being identified as related to CAD mapping, Venden then worked with PSSI to correct the issue. Mann elaborated on the changes made to correct the accuracy issues. This issue now appears to have been corrected and can be removed from future agendas.

Private Switch ALI / VoIP / MSAG Items

Velkover noted that only ongoing issues were being included on the agenda, and that items discovered and resolved prior to the subsequent meeting were not being included.

Great America Parkway

Velkover asked Marquardt for his review of the legislation as previously discussed. Marquardt was looking at the legislation and was unable to locate anything specifically about this. He will contact ICC directly for some further direction.

900 Kilbourne Road

Velkover asked if there was anything new to note at this time. It was agreed that this should be re-addressed when the new school is completed.

3455 Washington Street

Friedl state that the fire bureau was working on follow up with the business. The business is waiting for their contract to expire with their current telephone vendor until they resolve remaining issues.

1125 Tri-State Parkway

Velkover asked if it was the Gurnee location which was an issue or the Lake Villa end. Friedl stated there was nothing new to report on this as of yet.

3740 Grand Avenue

Velkover asked if a continued pattern of failed test had continued. Schwarz inquired whether a letter has been sent to address this. Chief Friedl advised it was included in a letter addressing multiple code violations.

Radio Systems

Update on Fire Voter Radio Project
Lambert advised that testing was being conducted with a different manufacturer’s radio voter. He advised testing was done by himself and Velkover and has gone very well. They are pleased with its performance in terms of operation and audio quality. Lambert has monitored parallel operation with the existing equipment for about 3 weeks, and the output has been tied into the logging recorder as well. Velkover advised it gives statistics on voter sites, ties in the Antioch repeater site, and it buffers the audio so it eliminates the clipping off of the beginning part of the transmission. Velkover noted that the consideration of purchase of voter equipment was included later in the agenda.

Update on Pembrook Water Tower Generator Project

Velkover advised that Piper electric has nearly finished their work, an inspection has been completed, and some final grading/dirt restoration that needs to be done. This has been finalized and signed off on by the building department. A demonstration of how the unit operates was done. A new circuit breaker panel was installed instead of re-wiring the existing outlets. He also noted that serious issues with the old circuit breaker panel were identified and corrected. Once network connection is setup to the water tower the generator will be hooked up for auto-notification of any failures or issues. Public Works has added this to their weekly/monthly inspection and test of village equipment.

Annual Filings / Joint Jurisdictional Agreements

Velkover recognized Marquardt’s work in getting these completed and sent out. He also noted that copies were included in the packet.

Business Items

Expenditures / Invoices / Bills

911 Fund Expenditure Summary 1/13/2011 – 03/08/2012, $19,156.36

Account Activity Listing 1/13/2012 – 03/08/2012

Detail Budget Report Fiscal Year 2012 to Date -prepared 03/09/2012

Invoice from Pieper Power for Backup Generator, $15,120.00, 9-1-1 Fund Portion

Velkover noted the documents included for consideration. He added that there were no line items which were over budget at this time. No new budget transfers were completed since the last meeting. The invoice for the ETSB’s portion of the backup generator was included as well. An invoice for MDC mounting equipment was also noted. Velkover entertained a discussion or comments on the expenditures.

Motion to approve the expenditures as presented by Schwarz, 2nd by Friedl

Roll call vote:
Aye – Velkover, Muetz, Marquardt, Mann, Schwarz, Lambert, Friedl
Nay – None
Motion Carried

Request to Purchase 4 Mobile Data Computers, $16,695.00

Velkover noted that units had been purchased from Datalux in the past, and now units from Coban were under consideration. Coban has been the provider for in-car digital video equipment for the last 5-6 years. Coban offers a current processor architecture, not offered by Datalux. The Coban solution allows the MDC and in-car video as a combined system. A demo unit was provided by Coban and it was installed in one of the new squad cars in late January/early February. Feedback was then requested by the officers on the performance of the vehicle. Mann added that overall the unit has been well received. By combining the MDC and the video monitor into one unit, it has freed up a lot of space in the vehicle. There were some technical issues to work through, some of which related to the change to Windows 7, but they have been mostly addressed. The performance has been good thus far. Combining the
units saves between $2,500.00 and $3,000.00 per vehicle. The quote also includes trading in 4 new in the box standalone video units and received full credit for them.

Mann advised that he is running low on parts to keep all of the Datalux units operational. Schwarz asked which units would receive the new equipment. Velkover and Mann indicated that the four newest squads would be used for the pilot project. Mann also asked to amend the quote to have a removable keyboard instead of the fixed one that is on the demo unit. Lambert asked about funding for video related software and equipment. Velkover and Muetz responded that funding was budgeted in the General Fund, Police Department budget for video equipment replacement.

Motion to approve the purchase by Friedl, 2nd by Muetz
Roll call vote:
Aye – Friedl, Lambert, Schwarz, Mann, Marquardt, Muetz, Velkover
Nay – None
Motion Carried

Request to Purchase Radio Voter & Base Station Improvements, cost not to exceed $12,000

Velkover presented a cost to purchase equipment to replace the loaner/test unit from a neighboring fire department. The quote included parts, equipment, and labor to put the new voter into production. Quotations were being refined, but both Velkover and Lambert felt the dollar amount was sufficient. Velkover reviewed the work to be done and the associated cost estimates. Schwarz asked about the surge suppression, and noted that phone lines were often the weakest link in the system. Velkover added that sufficient budget was available. The connections to the console would likely be done by Chicago Communications, and the same console status indications would be provided as with the old voter.

Motion to approve by Mann, 2nd by Marquardt

Roll call vote:
Aye – Velkover, Muetz, Marquardt, Mann, Schwarz, Lambert, Friedl
Nay – None
Motion Carried

Request to Purchase Busy User Display (BUD) Equipment, $5,991.82

Velkover noted that BUD equipment was currently in use in the center and that this would be an upgrade to said equipment. Marquardt explained the lighting system and how it helped with headset telephone operations. He said the upgrade would be required to add any more indicator lights. He noted the current blue indicator light on the ceiling indicating via motion sensor persons in the lobby and how it had been relocated in the past for increased visibility. This does not appear to be an issue during the day as Records personnel is present at their window. During the night communications does not always know when someone walks in the lobby. Marquardt explained the operation of the current and proposed lights: a yellow light illuminates for telephone traffic; and a red light for radio traffic. The proposed system has 2 additional lights (blue and white). It was agreed that the current system was beneficial.
Discussion was made about the benefits versus the cost. Mann asked if there was really an issue with not knowing when someone was in the lobby and also brought up that there is a push button speaker at the window for the public to use as well. Velkover advised the current blue light is in need of attention if it remains in place. There are no current
issues with BUD lights that are in place now.

Motion by Schwarz to instead rewire the existing blue indicator light to ensure it is up to code and more visible. Cost not to exceed $1200.00. 2nd by Muetz.

Roll call vote:
Ayes – Friedl, Lambert, Schwarz, Mann, Marquardt, Muetz, Velkover
Nay – None
Motion Carried

Request to Purchase Three 24x7 Ergonomic Chairs, $3,200.00

Velkover introduced a memo from Deputy Chief Kincaid. Marquardt stated that the current chairs have been in place for approximately 8 years. He added that the chairs have a five year warranty and have outlasted their useful life. There was prior discussion about the police department communications budget being used to split the cost of the chairs. Velkover was subsequently informed that no money was requested in the Communications budget for the purchase. After some discussion, it was agreed the board will cover the full amount for these 3 chairs.

Motion to approve by Mann, 2nd by Friedl

Roll call vote:
Ayes – Muetz, Marquardt, Mann, Schwarz, Lambert, Friedl, Velkover
Nay – None
Motion Carried

Request to Purchase Mapping Services for Mosaic Files, $450

Velkover stated that the county wide aerial mapping images for the CAD system are now a number of years old. Newer images are available from Lake County, but they would need to be merged into a file usable in our CAD system. Eric Venden secured a proposal for having this work completed at a cost of $450.

Motion to approve Schwarz, 2nd by Friedl

Roll call vote:
Aye – Velkover, Friedl, Lambert, Schwarz, Mann, Marquardt, Muetz
Nay - None
Motion Carried

Resolution – National Public Safety Telecommunicators Week -April 8-14, 2012

Velkover introduced a resolution for National Public Safety Telecommunicators Week substantially similar to last year’s resolution. Schwarz suggested changing “Residents” to say “Constituents”. It was also suggested that in the 4th Whereas paragraph take out the word “A”, remove “firefighters” and leave “firemedics”.

Motion to approve as amended by Muetz, 2nd by Mann

All ayes
Motion carried

Part Time Employment

Marquardt advised T/C Koesling has given her letter of resignation for full-time employment and has expressed her wish to stay on as a part-time employee. Chairman Velkover advised the current 911 funds would allow her to start that position at any time. Money was also put in the upcoming budget to cover this position.

Public Comment

No public comments offered.

Velkover reminded member of the next currently scheduled regular meeting, July 17, 10:00.

Motion to adjourn at 11:16 am by Mann, 2nd by Muetz
All ayes, Motion carried
Meeting Adjourned.

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