• Feb 7, 2018, 08:56 AM

Snow Plowing in Gurnee Is a Multi-Agency Effort

With a week of heavy snowfall, we want to remind residents and businesses that snow plowing in Gurnee is a multi-agency team effort to keep the roads safe.

The Illinois Department of Transportation, Lake County, and the Village of Gurnee each maintain roads within the Gurnee community.

Here is a breakdown of who-plows-what during a snow storm in Gurnee:

State of Illinois (IDOT Gurnee Maintenance Facility, contact phone number 847-244-0034)
• IL Route 132 (Grand Avenue)
• IL Route 21 (Milwaukee Avenue)
• IL Route 120 (Belvidere Road)
• US Route 45
• US Route 41 (Skokie Highway)

Lake County (Division of Transportation, contact phone number 847-377-7400)
Hunt Club Road
• Washington Street
• O’Plaine Road
• Gages Lake Road
• Stearns School Road
• Dilley’s Road, north of IL Route 132
• Delany Road, north of US Route 41
• Sunset Avenue
• Greenleaf Street, south of Washington Street
• Rollins Road
• Almond Road north of Route 132 (Grand Avenue)

Village of Gurnee (contact phone number 847-599-6800)
For a map of streets covered by the Village of Gurnee, view our Snow and Ice Control Plan at: www.gurnee.il.us/public_works/street/plowing

Pages from 2017-2018_snow-and-ice-control-plan

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