• Nov 16, 2023, 09:37 AM

Ethylene Oxide Update #57: November 16, 2023

Quarter 3 stack monitoring and fugitive emissions results received by IEPA; Vantage within permitted emission cap.

    The Illinois Environmental Protection Agency (IEPA) has updated its website to include the 2023 Q3 data related to Vantage's permit. The results indicate Vantage has released 16.89 pounds (15.36% of permitted annual total) of EtO cumulatively year-to-date, of which 13.07 pounds (21.79% of permitted annual total) were fugitive emissions. Public Act 101-0023 and Vantage's Construction Permit limit the facility to 110 pounds of emissions annually of which no more than 60 pounds can be fugitive emissions.

    The Q3 submission noted "No deviations (i.e., missed daily calibrations or other events) during the quarterly period." It also noted, "There were no leaking components in all of Q3 2023."

    The third quarter report is now available on the IEPA website here:


    To keep up to date on Ethylene Oxide in Gurnee, visit www.gurnee.il.us/eto

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