Water/Sewer Rates

Starting May 1st, the Village’s water rates increased from $4.73 to $4.87 per thousand gallons and sewer rates will increase from $1.47 to $1.52 per thousand gallons. All usage is prorated to fairly assign costs over the billing period. Since 2016, the Village's water/sewer rate changes once a year in May.

Water Rates

  • Water Meter Fee: $10.52
  • Water Rate (per 1,000 gallons): $4.87
 Sewer Rates (for Village to maintain sewer lines):
  • Sewer Base Fee: $3.51
  • Sewer Rate (per 1,000 gallons): $1.52

Outside Agency Fees (for outside agencies to process sewage):

  • East of the tollway: Customers receive a separate bill from North Shore Water Reclamation District for sewage processing fee
  • West of the tollway: Sewage processing fee from Lake County Public Works is included on your Village of Gurnee bill at a rate of $4.99 / 1,000 gallons

North Shore Water Reclamation District Rate Structure Change November 1, 2015:

Beginning November 1, 2015, the North Shore Water Reclamation District’s (NSWRD) sewer rates for Gurnee residents west of I-94 increased. This increase is a combination of the NSWRD and Lake County Public Works adjusting rates for sewer connection as part of a 10-year rate schedule. The increase will primarily come from a fee of $3.37 per 1,000 gallons of sewage for “property tax, transportation, and retroactive charges” for Lake County Public Works. This comes to a total of $4.99 per 1,000 gallons of sewage for single family residential properties.

This increase will first be reflected on bills received in January and will only affect customers in the Northeast Central Sewage System, an area that encompasses portions of Gurnee west of I-94. Residents in other areas of Gurnee already pay an additional property tax to the NSWRD and a service fee for sewage processing.

Additional Information

Rates are subject to change to match any equivalent increase in the cost of purchasing water from the Central Lake County Joint Action Water Agency (CLCJAWA), the Village's water supplier. 

If you have any questions, please contact the Village of Gurnee at (847) 599-7500.