Garage Sales

Effective April 3, 2017, individuals interested in holding a garage sale within the Village of Gurnee corporate limits are no longer required to obtain a permit to hold a sale but must follow the guidelines listed below as outlined in the Village of Gurnee Zoning Ordinance:

  • Garage sales cannot last more than four consective days.
  • Residents are allowed to hold a maximum of two separate garage sales each year (January 1 - December 31).
  • Individuals who exceed two sales per year or four days per sale will be in violation of Village Ordinance and subject to notice from Village Code Enforcement.

Questions regarding the Villlage's Garage Sale Policy should be directed to the Building & Zoning Department at (847) 599-7550.

Signs in the Public Right-of-Way:

Please note that signs are not allowed to be posted in the public right-of-way, which includes:

  • Utility poles
  • Traffic lights
  • Traffic control signs
  • Area between sidewalk & street curb
  • Within 15’ of street pavement, where no sidewalks exist

Signs found in the public right-of-way are subject to removal & disposal by the Village, County or State. Signs are allowed on private property, with the owner’s permission. Questions can be referred to the Village of Gurnee Planning & Zoning Division (847) 599.7550.