Water & Sewer FAQs

Q: What activities in my home use the most water?
Q: What causes the tiny air bubbles in my water?
Q. What is the hardness of my water?
Q. Why am I billed by North Shore Water Reclamation District?
Q. What are the current rates for water and sewage?
Q. Are there watering (sprinkling) restrictions?
Q. My cold water just started looking cloudy and dirty. What is going on?
Q. How often am I billed for water and sewer?
Q. My water is reddish or brown. What causes this?
Q. Is my water safe to drink?
Q. What should I do if my water bill seems too high?
Q. Is it better to use hot or cold water from the tap for cooking?
Q. Why am I billed for Lake County Public Works?
Q. Why does the water have a chlorine taste or smell? What can I do to remove it?
Q. What should I do if my basement backs up with sewage?
Q. Why did I get a high water bill after having my water meter replaced?
Q. How can I check if my toilet tank is leaking?
Q. How do I have my water turned off in the event of an emergency?