Fire Pension Board

Pension Boards are comprised of current and retired employees and appointed officials who control the investment and disbursement of pension funds.

Fire Pension Board

  • Scott Rans (president/active firefighter)
  • Patrick Muetz (treasurer)
  • Eric Liebert (active firefighter)
  • John Skillman (retired firefighter)
  • Ed Conarchy (appointee)
  • Mary Jo Kollross (appointee)

The Fire Pension Board...

(a) Article 4 of the Illinois Pension Code (Chapter 108 1/2, Article 4, of the Illinois Revised Statutes, 1977) be and the same is hereby adopted and established.

(b) Said Firemen's Pension Fund shall be administered in accordance with the laws of the State of Illinois and as provided in said Article 4. (78-46, 8/28/78).