Six Flags Great America Maxx Force Noise Concerns 

Prior to the 2020 Season, at the request of the Village of Gurnee, the Six Flags Great America worked in conjunction with a village-recommended sound engineer to review noise generated by Maxx Force. Following a thorough review, the engineer recommended construction of a sound barrier to help mitigate the noise. Six Flags’ accepted the recommendation and constructed the barrier at its own expense.

The way any noise coming from the park and the surrounding Gurnee area travels is constantly changing based on wind direction, cloud cover, humidity, ambient noise, and other environmental factors. While the park cannot control these external factors, it works to diminish all park noise as best it can. During its 40+ years in Gurnee Six Flags Great America has always strived to be a good neighbor. That effort remains in effect today and will continue into the future.

Sound Improvements for Maxx Force

The below image shows some of the improvements made to Maxx Force based on the village-hired acoustic engineer's recommendations. The modifications were made in early 2020.

Six Flags Noise Reduction Reduced