Reserve a Room at Village Hall

The Community Room and Village Board Chambers in the Gurnee Village Hall are designed primarily to meet the operational needs of the Village of Gurnee and provide accommodations for educational, informational, cultural, and civic functions, or for group discussions about political issues or candidate(s), of the Gurnee community. Information regarding the rooms and scheduling is the responsibility of the Village Administrator or his/her designee. Please contact Selene Beltran at 847-599-7502 or send an email with the completed application form below to reserve a time for the Community Room or Village Board Chambers. No charge is made for use of the Village’s facility and no admission fee may be charged or donations collected for programs.

The Community Room and Village Board Chambers are available from 8:00 AM to 9:00 PM, Monday through Thursday. The front door to the Village Hall will be unlocked approximately one half-hour prior to the meeting for those meetings scheduled after normal business hours. Audiences have access to the Community Room and/or Village Chambers and restrooms only. All other areas are prohibited due to security and safety concerns. The Village of Gurnee is not responsible for providing audio/visual equipment or materials to meeting attendees.

Every attempt will be made to allow applicants the use of the Village Board Chambers and Community Room as required. However, if through unforeseen circumstances the Village should require a room for official business, the Village shall reserve the right to cancel any scheduled use of Village facilities by the applicant. Although the Village shall have no obligation to notify any applicant of such cancellation, the Village will notify the organization as soon as practical.