Block Party Information

Block parties are a great way for neighbors to get to know each other and, therefore, cultivate a welcoming and safe community for everyone. The Village of Gurnee encourages these outdoor events, hosted by residents, by supplying barricades and coordinating visits from the Police Department & Fire Department. 

In order to host the event, login to the Village online portal and submit a block party application. At that time, you will also be able to indicate whether or not you would like the Police Department and Fire Department to visit the event. The Village will process the application, notify the applicant and provide barricades to safely close the designated street. It is important the host notifies all residents on the affected street.

The Village of Gurnee is committed to encouraging community engagement, and what better way to get to know your neighbors than by hosting a block party?!

Block Party FAQ

Are members of the Police Department & Fire Department guaranteed to show up?

Although we would love to guarantee their appearance, calls for emergencies are the top priority. Members of the Police & Fire Departments will do their best to join the event at some point in its duration. 

Can we set up a portable restroom outside?

The Village does recommend you use your own bathroom facilities, or that of your neighbor (with their permission). However, we understand that some individuals would rather set up a portable restroom. These are permitted as long as they are not on the street and safely placed on the right of way. 

Can we have a neighborhood party instead of a block party?

The extent of the invite list is up to the host. However, for safety reasons, the Village recommends closing a street (not used for public transportation) versus closing a whole neighborhood. The Gurnee Park District does offer park rentals for larger events. 

How do I receive and return the Village provided barricades?

Members of the Public Works Department will drop off barricades a business day prior to the event at the address of the applicant. The Department will retrieve the the barricades the following business day at the same location. 

How do I set up a block party?

  • Choose a date.
  • Choose a location.
  • Fill out a block party permit at least five (5) business days in advance).
  • Invite all neighbors on the residential street.
  • Coordinate what each household will bring such as games, food, drinks and activities.
  • Coordinate those responsible to monitor the barricades for public safety vehicles and resident access.
  • Enjoy the day of your event!
  • Show off your block party online and tag the Village of Gurnee.
  • Continue the community cohesion by cleaning up after the event. 

Block Party Graphic