Outdoor Warning Siren System

The Village has twelve outdoor sirens to warn residents to move indoors and seek shelter in the event of a tornado warning. This siren is only activated when the National Weather Service issues a tornado warning for Gurnee. The outdoor warning system will sound a VOICE MESSAGE ONLY. In the event of a tornado warning, the system will sound a VOICE MESSAGE & SIREN. 

Note: The siren system is intended to be heard only while outdoors. Indoor warnings are relayed through television and radio. During severe weather, additional information can be received by tuning your radio to WKRS 1220 AM or STAR 102.3 FM. When the sirens are activated, residents should NOT call 911 and just seek shelter and monitor local emergency broadcast stations. The outdoor siren system is tested  monthly on the first Tuesday at 10:00am. 

Sirens are located at:

  • 5761 Manchester Drive
  • Gages Lake, west of Almond
  • Ravinia Park
  • Fire Station #2 (Dada & Hunt Club)
  • O'Plaine Park
  • Six Flags
  • Spaulding School
  • Waveland @ Woodlawn
  • Cemetery Road Waterworks
  • Gurnee Mills
  • Public Works Department
  • Fuller Lift Station