Utility Division

The Utility Division has 10 employees and is responsible for operating and maintaining the Village’s water distribution system and sanitary sewer conveyance system.  The water distribution system includes 182 miles of water main, four elevated storage tanks, one ground level reservoir, three pumping stations, and two backup wells.  The Utility Division staff is also responsible for maintaining 2,517 fire hydrants, 2,251 valves, and over 9,681 water meters.  The sanitary sewer system includes 140 miles of sanitary sewer main and eight sanitary sewer pump stations. Sanitary sewage treatment is provided by North Shore Water Reclamation District at its Gurnee treatment facility.  The division also assists the Community Development Department and the Engineering Division in plan review of all underground utilities and final inspections of projects.

Hydrant Meter Rental / Tanker Fill Station

Apr 26, 2017, 13:39 PM
The Public Works Department rents contractors hydrant meters and offers tanker fills for obtaining large volumes of water for construction and/or building projects within the Village. An application needs to be completed with the appropriate deposit submitted to the Public Works Department before a meter is issued.
Two methods for obtaining large volumes of water are available:
Tanker Fill: This method is ideal for those who have their own tanks or tanker trucks and need to move the water to various locations. To request permission to fill a tanker at our Public Works Department, please fill out the Tanker Fill application form and return to the Public Works Department.

Hydrant Meter Rental: This method allows you to obtain water from fire hydrants for construction and/or building projects. Two hydrant meters are available for rental:
1” hydrant meter is utilized for garden hose applications such as masonry work, power washing, general construction, and landscape watering; 3” hydrant meters fit connections for utilizing fire hoses, which are primarily used for filling large tanks or tankers that need volume.  Large volume fill is allowed if the tanks or tankers have the proper backflow prevention device installed on the unit. Prior to contractors obtaining water, all tanks or tankers must be inspected by a Public Works employee for verification.  If the tank or tanker does not meet these requirements, the only option to obtain water would be using the tanker fill at the Public Works facility.  Please fill out the Hydrant Meter Rental application and return to the Public Works Department. 

Contractors obtaining water from the Public Works facility for the first time must check in at Public Works to set up an account and to receive directions for the fill site.  A Public Works employee will meet the contractor at the fill site to explain the process for filling and how to properly fill out the required paperwork.