Building Safety

The Building Safety Division helps to assure safe, quality new construction in the Village. The Building Safety Division oversees building construction and structures within the Village. The Division reviews proposed plans, issues building permits, performs construction inspections, and maintains permanent records. The staff inspects projects varying from large industrial and commercial buildings to residential decks and fences. The Division enforces the Village’s building and related codes.

Most construction projects require a building permit that is issued by the Building Safety Division. Upon receiving a
permit application, the Building Safety Division will oversee and review building construction to ensure that all activity taking place in the Village is completed in a quality manner and in accordance with the Village’s building codes. Failure to get the necessary permits can void real estate sales contracts, insurance policies, and mortgage lending agreements. Building permits protect the owner from poor construction practices, improve fire safety, and help the Village maintain good records.

Don't delay the start of your building or remodeling project!

The Building Safety Division processes a number of permit applications each week. To be sure the start of your project is not delayed, submit your permit application well ahead of schedule so that the Building Safety Division has ample time to process it.