Lateral Hiring Process

The Gurnee Police Department proudly welcomes lateral officers, recognizing and valuing the wealth of experience they bring to our dynamic team. We understand the significance of prior law enforcement experience, and these attributes are considered when pursuing specialty assignments. Our commitment to diversity extends to embracing the varied backgrounds of lateral officers, fostering an environment where their unique perspectives contribute to the overall success of our organization.

Lateral officers at the Gurnee Police Department enjoy a competitive starting pay that is dependent on their experience. For out-of-state candidates, we prioritize a seamless transition by allowing much of the hiring process to be conducted remotely. To facilitate your transition to our department, we provide all required equipment, uniforms, and a bulletproof vest. 

Join us, and let your seasoned skills and experiences thrive in an environment that values and leverages your unique strengths.

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State of Illinois full time Law Enforcement Officer certification by the Illinois Law Enforcement Training and Standards Board (ILETSB) with no more than forty (40) hours of training required for recertification


Out of State (reciprocity) candidates:  completion of an out-of-state Basic Police Officer Training program which can be transferred and accepted by the ILETSB.  For a conditional waiver of Illinois basic law enforcement training and reciprocity with the Illinois Law Enforcement Standards Training Board (ILESTB) you must pass all requirements, including but not limited to: mandatory firearms training; Illinois Law for Police Course; and equivalency exam within six (6) months of hire.  IL Certified Officers may also be subject to additional ILESTB training waiver requirements if hired with a new agency.

Experience – possess substantially equivalent skills and abilities as expected of a Gurnee Police Officer who is successfully completing or has completed their probationary period, as determined by the Department.  Must be currently employed as a full time Police Officer and in good standing with the respective law enforcement agency.

Must demonstrate ability to pass the Illinois Peace Officer Wellness Evaluation Report (POWER Test) upon request prior to hire.

United States citizen or Naturalized citizen; graduation from high school / GED; valid driver’s license.


1. Complete the online application: Initiate your lateral officer application process by visiting The online application allows you to provide essential details about your background, experience, and interest in joining the Gurnee Police Department.

2. Attend the interviews: Engage in a comprehensive interview process with the Civil Service Commission and members of the Gurnee Police Department Command Supervisory Staff. This step gives us an opportunity to understand your experiences, skills, and motivations, ensuring a thorough evaluation of your suitability for a lateral position within our department.

3. Conditional Job Offer: Once you successfully pass the initial stages, qualified lateral officer candidates will receive a conditional job offer. This offer is contingent upon the successful completion of subsequent steps in the hiring process.

4. Comprehensive Background Investigation: In the next phase of the hiring process, we conduct a thorough background investigation. This stage includes a polygraph examination, psychological evaluation, medical/vision examinations, and a drug screen. Your commitment to transparency and integrity during this stage ensures that we build a strong foundation for a successful lateral officer career.

5. Illinois Peace Officer Wellness Evaluation Report (POWER) fitness test: Demonstrate your physical fitness and readiness for the dynamic challenges of law enforcement by successfully passing the Illinois Peace Officer Wellness Evaluation Report (POWER) fitness test. This comprehensive assessment ensures that our lateral officers are well-prepared for the physical demands of the profession, contributing to a strong and capable law enforcement team dedicated to serving and protecting the Gurnee community.