Property Maintenance

Property Maintenance and Nuisance Codes are concerned with the ongoing health, safety, maintenance, and occupancy of existing structures and properties rather than the construction of new structures, which is covered under the Building Code. The development and implementation of a property maintenance program reflects the Village’s commitment to the safety, healthfulness, quality, and presentation of the community. The Property Maintenance Code (Chapter 18, Article VIII of the Municipal Code) is administered by the Planning & Zoning Division. The Property Maintenance codes cover:

    • Littered, debris-, or trash-covered property
    • Illegal dumping or wires
    • Inoperable or unregistered vehicles
    • Parking on unimproved surfaces
    • Outdoor storage of equipment or appliances
    • Excessive animal waste
    • Landscaping that is diseased, damaged, dangerous or uncultivated
    • Tall grass or weeds in excess of 8 inches in height
    • Dangerous or deteriorated buildings
    • Dead animals and garbage
    • Noxious gasses, noises, vibrations, or lighting
    • Flooding, pool, and pond maintenance
    • Loud, viscous, or dangerous animals
    • Gambling or gaming
    • Fireworks