Crime Prevention

Have a question, comment, or complaint? If so, please leave us a comment. We look forward to hearing from you. The Village of Gurnee embraces the 10 principles of crime prevention as published in 2005 by the National Crime Prevention Council as detailed in the publication Engaging the Power of Prevention

  1. Preventing crime is everyone's business.
  2. Preventing crime is more than security.
  3. Preventing crime is a responsibility of all levels and agencies of government.
  4. Preventing crime is linked with solving social problems.
  5. Preventing crime is cost-effective.
  6. Preventing crime requires a central role in law enforcement.
  7. Preventing crime requires collaboration by all elements of the community.
  8. Preventing crime requires education.
  9. Preventing crime requires tailoring to local needs and conditions.
  10. Preventing crime requires continual evaluation and improvement.

In order to contact our crime prevention unit, please call 847-599-7080 or send us an email