Orion Water Device Change Out Program

In 2021, the Village kicked off a multi-year program to change out all Orion communication devices in the community to a modernized unit. The Orion device is what transmits data from the water meter to the Village to record usage. Currently, the meters have a short range that requires crews to drive through neighborhoods to collect meter data.

The new Orion devices will communicate water data in real-time via a cellular network. This will allow residents to get timely updates on their water consumption and identify any leaks or spikes in usage.

The change out will occur over a four-year program. Staff will work through a neighborhood one house at a time to remove the old Orion and install the new one. Although a majority of the change out process takes place outside, there may be instances when Public Works staff will need to set up an appointment with you. If an Orion device is located inside or if there are issues prohibiting an exterior change out, the resident will be notified by a door tag of the need to set up a time when we can enter the home.

During the change out, water service will not be disrupted. Employees will have Village identification, including bright yellow vests and identification badges. Staff will knock on doors prior to beginning work to keep residents informed.

Change Out Program FAQs:

  • What work is being performed?
    The remote water meter reader is being replaced. This device
    transmits the reading from your water meter back to our meter reading software.
  • Why is the remote water meter reader being replaced?
    The current remote readers are nearing
    their end of life. Replacing them proactively will ensure accurate meter reading and billing in the future.
  • Is there a cost for the replacement?
    No. There is no cost to the customer.
  • Will my water bill increase?
    Replacing the remote water meter reader will not cause an increase in
    water consumption.
  • Is this a “Smart Meter”?
    No. The device being replaced does not register consumption, it only transmits
    the reading from your existing water meter to the Village meter reading software.
  • When can I expect my meter to be upgraded?
    This will be a multi-year rollout program. You will be notified via letter or door tag once your device has been upgraded.
  • How can I tell if my device has already been upgraded?
    Residents who have had their device upgraded will receive either a letter or a doortag.

Below are photos of the old and new Orion devices to help you determine if your Orion device has been replaced yet.

New vs Old
New Orion Style
New Orion (left) vs. Old Orion (right) with weather shields removed.
New Orion (tan color)

Old Orion Style 1
Old Orion Style 2_cropped
Old Orion devices type 1 and type 2. Both are gray.