Solar Energy in Gurnee

The Village of Gurnee is participating in the SolSmart program, which helps local governments reduce barriers to solar energy growth and make it easier for homes and businesses to go solar. As part of the Greenest Region Compact, Gurnee is committed to improving the process for solar applicants.

To begin with solar:

  1. Check out the Solar Requirements Checklist
  2. Submit a building permit application (short-form).
  3. Include pertinent contractors. Verify electrician is registered with the Village.
  4. Submit two sets of plans, diagram of electrical installation, letter acknowledging smoke/CO detector requirement to be met (see attached), provide signed and sealed letter by Illinois architect or structural engineering certifying that the roof structure has been evaluated. 

Permit fees for solar:

  • Residential - $188.50.
  • Commercial - $188.50 plus additional costs based on square footage (total under $500).
  • All fees are based on the costs to perform the inspection.

Zoning Requirements for solar:

A US EPA Green Power Community

Did you know that many homes and businesses in Gurnee are already powered by alternative energy, even without having solar panels! The Village of Gurnee's Municipal Electric Aggregation Program purchases 100% renewable energy for residents and small business accounts. The EPA ranks Gurnee as one of the Top 100 Green Power Communities! To learn more about the renewable energy with the aggregation program, visit:

Consumer Protection and Resources

Resources for residents and businesses interested in installing solar:

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