Parkway Tree Planting Program

(Applications/payment due by April 5, 2024)

Each spring the Village offers a 50/50 program to residents for the planting of about 60 new parkway trees. This is a part of the Village's ongoing environmental efforts and in order to increase the number of trees in town. The Village contributes 50% of the cost of the trees, with residents providing the remaining $175.00.  Participation in the program is strictly voluntary and is limited to owner-occupied homes.

 The species of trees planted are from a master list approved by the Village Arborists. These species have been selected for their habit, disease resistance, and cultural tolerances.

Trees can be placed only within the parkway.  Residents may suggest locations for the trees, but locations will be reviewed for suitability and to avoid utility conflicts. Each new parkway tree must be placed midway between the curb (or pavement edge) and the sidewalk (or 7' from the pavement for locations without a sidewalk), at least 30' from any other parkway trees, at least 10' from a driveway, and at least 45' from an intersection.  Locations next to manholes, fire hydrants, or street lights are not permitted. Please make your drawing as clear as possible, noting the location of your house, curb, sidewalk, driveways, intersections, existing trees, fire hydrants, or any other objects in the area. 

The Village plants the trees in May (as weather permits) and monitors the health of the tree during the initial growing season.

View descriptions of the trees available this year and download the application form using the link at the top of the page.