Urban Forest Management Program

The purpose of this management program is to promote a safe, healthy, and aesthetically pleasing environment for both the residents and visitors of our community. A healthy well maintained urban forest can boost property values (5-27%), reduce storm-water run-off and erosion, clean our air, contribute to a sense of community pride and provide an irreplaceable legacy for future generations. Unfortunately due to the stress on urban trees, the average life span of a street tree is 32 years, less than half the life of a forest tree. Proper maintenance and planting practices are important for that reason and these practices are also a good investment of resources. A 1993 United States Department of Agriculture study conducted in Chicago determined an increase in property values of $2.83 for every dollar spent on tree planting and maintenance. Through the implementation of this program, our trees will serve as a longstanding asset to the Village of Gurnee.

Public Information

Through the use of fliers, mailers, and presentations at schools and garden clubs and this website, the Village of Gurnee will seek to inform the general public of its policies, practices, and programs for urban forest management. An informed public is a great resource for the early detection of diseases, insect infestation, and storm damage. In addition, an informed public is more likely to become active in the care of their own trees and less likely to damage trees through acts of ignorance.