Planning & Zoning

The primary responsibility of the Planning & Zoning Division is to guide the physical growth and development of the Village. Our goal is to enhance the quality of life while protecting the health, safety, and welfare of our citizens. We do this by providing for the future growth of the Village while preserving our neighborhoods and discouraging incompatible development. The Village’s Comprehensive Plan establishes a vision and policies to guide growth and development while the Zoning Ordinance manages the location, scale, use, and intensity of development throughout the Village. 

The Planning & Zoning Division reviews proposed commercial development plans, special use permits, planned unit developments, annexations, variances, and other zoning requests.  The Division approves ground, wall, and temporary sign permits, temporary use permits, and assists the Engineering and Building Safety Divisions with residential and commercial building permits.  Additionally, the Division provides ongoing technical assistance to the Mayor and Board of Trustees and manages the activities of the Planning & Zoning Board.

Prior to submitting an application that requires review before the Planning & Zoning Board and Village Board approval, please schedule a meeting with Planning & Zoning staff to discuss the proper application and approval process.

For specific zoning of a property, please use the Zoning Information Search