Fireworks Safety

This is a reminder that in Illinois, all fireworks are illegal unless authorized by local jurisdiction permits for supervised public displays. The term fireworks does not include sparklers, smoke devices, snake and glow worm pellets, trick noisemaker, and most forms of toy cap guns using plastic or paper caps. Even these seemingly harmless devices can be dangerous, misuse of them by children can create dangerous situations.

Sparklers, for example, reach temperatures of up to 1800 degrees Fahrenheit and remain hot enough to cause serious burns even after they are extinguished. Fireworks are also especially dangerous for children because they entice children to play with matches, something they should never do.

The burns from fireworks can be intense, and they can scar for life. Fireworks can cause injuries other than burns by exploding and affecting the hands, body or eyes.

  • One of every three fireworks injuries is to the eyes.
  • One of every four fireworks eye injuries means some kind of permanent blindness.


For the best possible fireworks safety, leave these dangerous devices to professionals. Attend only licensed public fireworks displays.

Gurnee Days Fireworks over Station 1