Keep the Wreath Red

For more than 20 years, the Gurnee Fire Department has participated in the (local/national) "Keep the Wreath Red" program during the holiday season. As you drive past the fire stations during this time, please take note of the large wreath that will be prominently displayed in front of the buildings.

This wreath will be illuminated with red lights. When a fire is determined to be caused by or related to Christmas decorations, one of the bulbs will be changed to white. The program is designed to remind the public of fire safety during the Christmas season.

Safety tips to remember this holiday season:

  • If you want a natural tree, select only a fresh tree (be sure the needles do not readily fall off).
  • Avoid overloading circuits or extension cords. Use only manufacturers' maximum number of light strings.
  • Keep natural tree away from any heat source that will cause drying.
  • Never use lighted candles on or near a tree. Keep candles away from Christmas wrappings.
  • Turn off lights when adults are away. A short circuit could start a fire.
  • Never leave lighted candles unattended.