Street Resurfacing Program

General Information

  • Start Date: May 2023
  • Est. Completion Date: October 2023
  • Location: (See List Below)
  • Project Cost: $4.5 million
  • Contractor: J.A. Johnson Paving
  • Project Impacts:
    • Narrow lanes and lane closures
    • Sidewalk closures
    • Temporary driveway access closures

Project Description

The Village's contractor, J.A. Johnson Paving, will be resurfacing 6 miles of roadway as well as completing pavement patching and curb and sidewalk repairs. The following streets are planned to be resurfaced this year:

Locations & Description of Work (PDF)

  • Zone 1 Map (PDF): Nursery Dr--Knowles Rd to east end; Greystone Dr--North cul-de-sac to Scranton Dr; Sutton Pl--Nursery Dr to west end; Sawyer Ct--Greystone Dr to south end; Suffolk Ct--Hartford Dr to west end; Prescott Ln--Cascade Way to west cul-de-sac; Old Walnut Cir--Cascade Way to Washington St; Cascade Way--Kingsport Dr to Old Walnut Cir; Abbey Rd--Strawberry Fields to Aster Dr; Strawberry Fields--North end to Cascade Way; Aster Dr--Bittersweet Dr to Cascade Way; Penny Ln--Aster Rd to Cascade Way 

  • Zone 2 Map (PDF): Delaware Ave--Lawson Blvd to east end; Sycamore Ln--Pinewood Rd to south end; Acacia Ct--Lawson Blvd to west end; Hollyhock Ct--Lawson Blvd to west end; Alder Ct--Lawson Blvd to west end; Adele Dr--Route 21 to north end; Yew Ct--Pinewood Rd to north end; Monterey Ct--Pinewood Rd to north end; Acorn Ct--Pinewood Rd to west end

  • Zone 3 Map (PDF): Waveland Ave--Grand Ave to Grandmore Ave; Grandville Ave--Railroad to Magnolia Ave; Woodlawn Ave--Waveland Ave to Pine Grove Ave; Magnolia Ave--Woodlawn Ave to north end; Harper Ave--First Ave to east end
  • Zone 4 Map (PDF): Covenant Ct--Kings Way to south end; Concord Sq--Kings Way N o Kings Way N; Lexington Sq--Providence Rd to Providence Rd; Spinney Run Dr--Rte 21 to Kristin Ct; Brian Ct--Spinney Run Dr to south end; Chelsey Ct--Spinney Run Dr to north end; Kristin Ct--Spinney Run Dr to west end

Tentative Schedule for the 2023 Resurfacing Program

This schedule provides a proposed timeline of when work will occur in Zones 1-4. This schedule is tentative and may change based on weather.

Zone 2
Zone 3
Zone 4

2023 Project Updates