10 to Defend: Gurnee Police Initiatives for Safer Community Policing

June 8, 2020

A message to the residents and visitors of Gurnee,

The mission of the Gurnee Police Department is based on the foundation of "treating all individuals with dignity and respect". These core principles are the building blocks for procedural justice and are at the forefront of expanding equality in our community-oriented policing goals. In addition to the 8 Can't Wait initiatives being requested nation-wide, the Gurnee Police Department has additional, previously established standards of practice to ensure the transparency and accountability of our officers. We consider these our 10 to Defend initiatives and we would like to elaborate on what our department is doing in each category.  We welcome the opportunity to have a conversation with the community to share our mission, policies, and procedures. 

10 to Defend

1. Ban Chokeholds and Strangleholds
2. Require De-Escalation
3. Require Warning Before Shooting
4. Exhaust All Alternatives Before Shooting
5. Duty to Intervene
6. Ban Shootings at Moving Vehicles
7. Require Use of Force Continuum
8. Require Comprehensive Reporting
9. Vehicle and Body-Worn Cameras
10. Education and Training

Again, we appreciate the opportunity to provide some insight into what the Gurnee Police Department is doing to protect the safety of our community while ensuring the well-being of everyone involved. Our 10 to Defend initiatives are universal to all races and cultures, and we are honored to serve and protect this community based on these ideologies.


Brian M. Smith
Chief of Police