Building Safety Division - Permits: Gazebos



Submit a Building Permit Application

1. Submit a building permit application prior to beginning any work.
2. Include copy of your Legal Plat of Survey, indicating on the plat where the gazebo is to be located. Note the setbacks from the house, side and rear lot lines.
3. If gazebo is detached, submit a drawing showing foundation, framing, etc. If gazebo is attached to the home (even by a deck), Illinois Archictecture stamped plans must be submitted depicting construction.
4. Receive Homeowner's Association/Architectural Review approval, if required.


Gazebos (attached to principal building via non-enclosed porch or open terrace), not to exceed ten (10) feet into any required rear yard. Such gazebos should conform to the provisions of the Zoning Ordinance in regard to separation from the principal building; however, such gazebos may be permitted to be located closer than ten (10) feet, but no closer that five (5) feet, to the principal building subject to review by the Village of Gurnee Fire Prevention Bureau for possible access concerns to single story or multiple story homes or buildings or other fire safety related matters.


1. Call for inspections. 

Inspections can be scheduled by calling
the Building Safety Division at 847-599-7550

A minimum of 24-hours notice is required.
Please have
your building permit number ready; it is required in order
to schedule an inspection.