Street Division

The Department of Public Works Street Division is responsible for the maintenance of streets, right-of-ways, municipal buildings, urban forestry and landscape sites, traffic control signs, street lighting, storm sewer and detention systems.  During the winter season the Street Division conducts snow and ice control operations on the Village’s 243 lane miles of roads including 328 cul-de-sacs and dead end streets.

Storm Sewer Maintenance

Apr 26, 2017, 14:04 PM

Routine maintenance and repairs are necessary to ensure the conveyance of storm water through the Village’s network of ditches, storm sewers, detention basins and tributaries. Some of the most common maintenance conducted by Public Works are repairs to deteriorating catch basins, pipes that have separated due to settlement, and jet rodding of storm pipes that have been clogged by roots or other debris. Completing this work reduces the likelihood of flooding, sinkholes and future deterioration of the storm sewer system.

The Village’s network of underground storm sewer consists of concrete structures, catch basins, and piping. Catch basins are located under steel grates where the water is channeled to them by means of curbing, ditch lines, or fields, and also "trap" some of the litter, dirt and large debris that get washed into the system.  Piping in our community ranges in size from 4” to 60” depending on the amount of water flow and volume that will be traveling through it. These pipes are made of different materials such as concrete (RCP), plastic (PVC), or steel (CMP) which carry the storm water runoff and melting snow to rivers, streams, retention ponds, and detention basins.