Small Business Capital Grant Frequently Asked Questions. 

The Village of Gurnee is accepting applications for the Small Business Capital Grant program. Below is a list of frequently asked questions. Email

Small Business Capital Grant FAQ's

Why did the Village start this program?
What is a capital project?
What is the difference between the Transformational Grant and Impact Grant
What type of projects fit in the scope of the SBCG?
What projects do not qualify under the SBCG Program?
How does a matching grant work?
Will the Village of Gurnee offer this every year?
What is the application deadline?
How long do I have to complete the approved project?
Is there an application fee?
What is the maximum I can apply for?
What is the time frame on a decision once an application is submitted?
When are grant funds paid?
What type of businesses qualify under the Program?
Do I qualify if my business is located in unincorporated Gurnee?
Do I qualify if my business opened during COVID-19?
Do I qualify if my business closed for a short duration during COVID-19?
I own multiple businesses in the Village. Can each qualify?
Who needs to sign the application as "Applicant"?
I own a business, but not the property, can my business still qualify?
If my business leases its location, can my landlord contribute matching funds for the project?
I own commercial real estate in the Village; can I apply?
I received other grant funds for capital improvements. Do I still qualify?
Do I have to get permits if the Village approved grant funding?
Can I use grant funds for permit fees?
How do I submit my application for the grant?
How would I be notified if I am awarded grant funds?
If my project was completed during COVID-19, can I apply for the grant retroactively?
How do I make sure payment of the grant goes to the right place?
Whom can I contact with questions?
Where can I find the application?
If I received SBCG funds under the original program, can I apply a second time?