Integrated Financial System


All Village Departments use an Integrated Financial System to handle monetary transactions more effectively.

The Village is committed to providing high-quality services to its residents in an economical and effective manner. To accomplish this, the Village seeks to utilize proven tools and methods in its operations. The Village's financial system is a key component in realizing these goals. The financial system supports the Village's policy makers, managers, and all personnel with accurate, timely, and detailed information. The financial system provides users with reliable, efficient, consistent, and intuitive tools. Finally, the financial system is a participant in the larger system of Village operations.

Goals set for the Integrated Financial System (IFS)

  • A comprehensive Financial System with strong reporting and financial analysis capabilities, which meets all current and proposed regulatory standards.
  • A Budgetary System which empowers decision makers, and allows for strict operating controls and monitoring by staff.
  • A Purchasing System which routes and tracks purchases from requisitions to purchase orders, enables cost effective purchasing, promotes economies of scale, provides detailed vendor information, and interacts with budgeting and fixed asset systems.
  • A Payroll System which handles today's myriad of pay and benefit requirements with the ability to track accrued benefits, pay history, performance and salary reviews, and human resource information.
  • An efficient and flexible Utility Billing System which provides clear detailed bills, provides current balance information, simplifies operator tasks, improves turnaround time, and tracks consumption and payment history.
  • Provide employees at all levels with access to appropriate and usable information in a robust, intuitive, secure, and reliable environment.
  • Establish a positive long-term relationship with a responsive and viable vendor with quality systems, support, and software products which evolve and improve over time.

Components of the Integrated Financial System (IFS)

  • GMBA

    (details on GMBA)

  • Payroll / Personnel

    (details on Payroll / Personnel)

  • Utility Billing

    (details on Utility Billing)

  • Cash Receipts

    (details on Cash Receipts)

  • Purchasing / Inventory

    (details on Purchasing / Inventory)

  • Land Management

    (details on Land Management)

  • Fixed Assets

    (details on Fixed Assets)