Adopt-a-Hydrant Program


The Village of Gurnee’s Fire Department works hard to prevent fires but, when they do occur, there is an important resource in your neighborhood that your firefighters rely on: fire hydrants.  The Adopt-A-Hydrant program is a community activity that enables residents to take ownership of a fire hydrant within their neighborhood.  Once residents adopt a hydrant, they will keep it free of trash, weeds, and other debris throughout the year.  Even more critically, they will keep the hydrant free of snow in the winter.  They can also report any damage or leaks to the Public Works Department.

It is the residents' year-round efforts that help the Gurnee Fire Department in the event of a fire and prevent delays when firefighters need to secure this invaluable water source to put out a fire.

If you would like to participate in Adopt-A-Hydrant, click here and fill out the form or stop by Fire Station 1 at 4580 Old Grand Avenue in Gurnee to register and receive an official adoption certificate.

For more information, please download the Adopt-A-Hydrant brochure.