Knox Box Program

The Gurnee Fire Department offers a Knox Box program to aid the residents of Gurnee and the Warren-Waukegan Fire Protection District. The program allows the Fire Department quick access to the home if the homeowner is unable to answer the door. A Knox Box is placed on the home and secured with a key to the home inside.

The Knox Box system is used for residents with medical or physical disabilities that would make it difficult to unsecure the home. These boxes are donated to the homeowner for the duration of time that the fire department deems necessary. In the event that a fire department finds that you do not qualify for a donated Knox Box, and you feel like having on is in your best interest, you may purchase a Knox Box through the Fire Department.

Please fill out the application and acknowledgement of the use of Knox Box requirements, and member of the Gurnee Fire Department will contact you. If you have any questions, or would like to donate to the Knox Box program, please contact the Fire Prevention Bureau at 847-599-6783.

If you do not qualify for the donation program, would you like information on purchasing a box?

Acknowledgement of Resident Responsibility in Knox Box Donation Program

The homeowner acknowledges that the Knox Box belongs to the Gurnee Fire Department. You are responsible for the Knox Box while donated. You agree to notify the Gurnee Fire Department if you move, need to have the keys in the box updated, or the need for the box no longer exists. If you as the homeowner do not return the Knox Box upon moving, or when no longer needed, it is understood that the Gurnee Fire Department will ask you to purchase a Knox Box. Any damage to the home done by installation of the Knox Box will be the homeowner’s responsibility. Written permission from a townhome or condo association will be needed if the homeowner is not responsible for the exterior of the home.


By registering for the program, you agree to all conditions of the Knox Box donation program.

*If you do not qualify for or purchase a Knox Box, the Gurnee Fire Department does not keep any of the above information on file.

*If you reside in a condo or townhouse, please provide written permission from your association that the Knox Box can be attached to the exterior of your home.