The Forestry section consists of a Lead Maintenance Worker, an additional full-time ISA certified Arborist, and seasonal help during the summer months.  It is the responsibility of Public Works to care for and maintain more than 15,000 parkway trees and the landscape maintenance of Village-owned properties.  The goal is to provide prompt, professional service, incorporating the most current and innovative techniques.

Tree Inventory and Assessment

Apr 26, 2017, 14:35 PM

Public Works maintains an inventory of the Village’s public trees including data such as tree diameter, species, location, and condition. This an important tool in the management of the urban forest and gives an accurate count of our trees by species, size, street, and maintenance requirements. The inventory aids in planning for future planting, spraying, trimming, and gives us the ability to accurately account for losses and damage in the event of a severe storm or insect infestation.