Gypsy Moth

Lake County has been quarantined since 2000 to slow the spread of Gypsy Moth. Gurnee forestry staff conducts routine inspections throughout the Village to identify potential infestations. When Gypsy Moth populations reach damaging levels, the Village may implement aerial and ground spray applications to control these areas.

What is Gypsy Moth?

Gypsy Moth is an exotic insect pest introduced to the United States in 1869 in Massachusetts.  Since then it slowly spread through the native forests of the eastern United States.  When local populations of Gypsy Moth grow, widespread defoliation can transpire causing tree decline and death.  Since Gypsy Moth has few native predators, it is often necessary to employ pest management programs to keep their population within acceptable thresholds.

Is Gypsy Moth in Gurnee?
Lake County has been under quarantine since gypsy moth first appeared in 2000. During the summer of 2008, the Hickory Haven neighborhood and a retention area near Grand Avenue and Fuller Road experienced an outbreak that led to the defoliation of several mature oak trees.

Where can I find additional information about Gypsy Moth?
Additional information about Gypsy Moth, the Village’s pest management program, and our community forestry efforts is available on the Village website or by calling the Public Works Department at (847) 599-6800.

What can I do to help
Please help us by reporting any tree pest or disease sightings in your area. Only with your help can we preserve our urban forest for generations to come.

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