Utility Division

The Utility Division has 10 employees and is responsible for operating and maintaining the Village’s water distribution system and sanitary sewer conveyance system.  The water distribution system includes 182 miles of water main, four elevated storage tanks, one ground level reservoir, three pumping stations, and two backup wells.  The Utility Division staff is also responsible for maintaining 2,517 fire hydrants, 2,251 valves, and over 9,681 water meters.  The sanitary sewer system includes 140 miles of sanitary sewer main and eight sanitary sewer pump stations. Sanitary sewage treatment is provided by North Shore Water Reclamation District at its Gurnee treatment facility.  The division also assists the Community Development Department and the Engineering Division in plan review of all underground utilities and final inspections of projects.

RPZ Backflow Testing

Apr 26, 2017, 13:42 PM
Backflow prevention devices are used to protect the Village’s water supply from contaminants and pollutants. Common uses for backflow devices are fire sprinklers, lawn irrigation, chemical injectors, fountain drinking machines, machine shops, and car washes to name a few. The backflow devices on these service lines will stop contaminants from flowing or siphoning back into the water mains. Residences or businesses that have these devices must have them tested annually by a licensed plumber that is certified to test RPZ’s by Ordinance 96-47.

Please be advised that the Village has contracted with Backflow Solutions Inc. (BSI) to administer our Cross-Connection Control / Backflow tracking program. As of September 1, 2013, all test reports must be submitted via BSI Online at www.bsionlinetracking.com.BSI can be reached via the following contact information below:

Water Customer Contact Information:
  • Phone: 888-966-6050
  • Email: support@backflow.com
  • Fax: 888-414-4990
  • Mail: PO Box 246, Worth, IL 60482
Testing Company/Tester Contact Information:

Thank you for your assistance with ensuring the safety of Gurnee's drinking water.