Red Light Cameras

In concert with all of the Village’s traffic safety programs, the goal of this program is to make our community roads safer and reduce automobile-related tragedies by addressing red light running. The campaign seeks to re-establish respect for traffic signals to enhance the safety of residents and visitors. The aim is also to reduce the number and severity of crashes in addition to injuries and fatalities caused by dangerous and aggressive driving.

Photo Enforced Intersections as of May 01, 2018

The following are photo enforced intersections in Gurnee:

  • Route 132 and Dilley’s Road
  • Route 132 and Route 21
  • Route 41 and Delany Road
  • Washington Street and Hunt Club Road
  • Washington Street and Route 21

To access the State of Illinois Statute (625 ILCS 5/11-208.6), please click here.

To view our latest review of Red Light Running Camera Systems, view the link below.