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Active Bids/RFPs

Project 8461: Miscellaneous Drainage Projects
Project 8457: O'Plaine Sidewalk Improvement
Public Works Material Bin Reconstruction Project 2024
RFP: Lee Ave. Lift Station Standby Generator
Project 8462: 2024 Water Main Improvements

Past Bids/RFPs

Project 8441: Water Main Replacement Project
Project 8456: 2024 MFT Street Maintenance Program
Bid Notice: Specifications for 2024 Roof Replacement Project
Notice to Bidders: Dilleys Road Pedestrian Path
Request for Proposal: Residential Waste Collection Services
Notice to Bidders: 2024 Fuel Bid
Project 8453: HVAC Replacement and Upgrades
Project 8448: Keith and Atlantic Avenue Storm Sewer
Bid Notice: Village of Gurnee's Public Works Material Bin Reconstruction Project
Bid Notice: Project 8430 American Legion Culvert Replacement
Project 8438: Reconstruction of Waveland and Lawrence Avenues
Notice to Bidders: 2023 MFT Street Maintenance Program Project #8443
Project 8440 Notice to Bidders: 2023 Water Main Improvements
Notice to Bidders: Project No. 8446 North Waveland Avenue Grandmore to Grandview Water Main Replacement
Notice to Bidders: 2023 Fuel Bid
Project 8422: Knowles Road Pedestrian Path Project
Project 8402: Grove Ave Storm Culvert Replacement
Project #8420: Juniper Street Water Main and Sanitary Sewer Improvements
Notice to Bidders: 2022 Road Reconstruction
Project 8425 & 8426 Lawrence Avenue & Route 21 Water Main Improvements
Notice to Bidders: Project 8429 2022 MFT Street Maintenance Program
RFP: Cemetery Road Pump Station Roof & Gutter
Notice to Bidders Flashing Beacon Project #8421
Multi-year Strategic Planning Consultant
RFP Notice: Heather Ridge Water Tower Standby Generator
Notice to Bidders: Public Works Trench Drain Replacement Project
Old Grand Avenue Watermain Replacement Phase II (Project #8400)
Cemetery Road Communication Tower (#8406)
Demolition Services for 4609 & 4625 Old Grand Avenue (Project 8413)
Bid Notice: Waveland Avenue Project #8394
2021 Street Maintenance Program (#8414)
Janitorial Services RFP for Village Hall and Public Works
Notice to Bidders: 2021 Bridge Rehabilitation
Bid Notice: 2020 Bittersweet Club House Roof Project
Bid Notice: 2020 Gurnee Fire Station No. 3
Bid Notice: 2020 Street Maintenance Project #8403
Invitation to Bid: Old Grand Avenue Water Main Replacement Phase 1
Invitation to Bid: 2020 Roadway Rehabilitation Project, Ferndale Street, Gurnee No. 8401
RFP Notice: 2020 Network Equipment
Depot Road Pedestrian Path Extension Project 8389
Village of Gurnee: Invitation for Bids for Purchase & Delivery of Gasoline & Diesel Fuel
2019 Mobile Computer Replacement Project RFP
Hunt Club Water Main Extension
Notice to Bidders: Delivery Station Storm & Sanitary Sewer Project #8217
Notice to Bidders: Chelsey Crossing Drainage Improvements
Notice to Bidders: Landscape Restoration FY 2019 & 2020
Notice to Bidders: Village Hall Roof Replacement
2019 Fuel Bid
Notice to Bidders: Tree and Brush Removal FY 2019
Notice to Bidders: Grand Avenue Landscape Improvements Phase II Project #8380
Notice to Bidders: Fire House #1 and Well #1 Roof Replacement
Notice to Bidders: Pressure Zone 5 Improvements
Notice to Bidders: Knowles Road Elevated Water Tank
RFP: East Grand Avenue Landscape Maintenance
2018 Street Maintenance Program - Gurnee Project #8363
Almond Road Water Main Crossings
Conduit Boring from FH#1 to Village Hall
Water Main and Sanitary Improvements Highland Avenue
2018 Fuel Bid
Notice to Bidders: 4580 Old Grand Avenue Water Tower Demolition
Notice to Bidders: 2017 Roadway & Water Main Improvements
Notice to Bidders: Mudjacking Services FY18-20
Notice to Bidders: 2017 Street Maintenance Program
RFQ: 2016 Comprehensive Land Use Plan Update
RFP: 2017 Network Equipment