Lakeshore Recycling Systems (LRS) Transition

The Village’s residential waste and recycling contract with Waste Management (WM) is set to expire at the end of May 2024. Waste Management issued a statement that a contract renewal would include significantly higher rates and no fall leaf vac program. As the Village tries to keep rates down for residents, the Village issued a request for proposal to ensure residents receive the lowest rates and comparable services. With three proposals, the Village Board unanimously approved the contract with Lakeshore Recycling Systems (LRS) as it provided the lowest rates for residents, reliable services including fall leaf vacuum service, and enhanced environmental sustainability. This will be for residential only and those who do not directly pay an HOA for service.  Further communication from LRS and the Village will follow in the coming weeks to ensure a smooth transition. LRS will begin servicing the Village of Gurnee's residents (waste, recycling and yard waste) beginning the week of Monday, June 3rd.

What’s Happening


Resident Role

New LRS Cart Delivery

May 20
May 27

Be ready to accept the new carts and store until first week of pick up beginning, Monday June 3rd. The contractor will be delivering carts on Memorial Day, Monday, May 27th.
Last Week of Waste Management Service and Cart Removal

May 28 through
June 1

Memorial Day is observed on Monday, May 27th. Therefore, the last week of Waste Management pick up begins on Tuesday, May 28th

LEAVE your WASTE MANAGEMENT carts empty at the curb. A contractor will pick up your Waste Management cart. Failure to have your cart empty may result in service issues.
First Week of LRS Service

June 3
June 7

Have your Lakeshore Recycling Systems cart ready for first use of weekly collection.

Frequently Asked Questions Regarding the Transition

  1. Why is my bill increasing?
  2. As the Village contracted with Waste Management since the early 1990s, the contract renewals contained with very low rates and included annual escalators that did not keep up with the market. For example, the most recent contract limited annual adjustments to 2.5%. During that same time, the average annual CPI was nearly double that. As the contract ending of May 2024 was nearing expiration, Waste Management communicated it would no longer provide fall vac service and the Village could expect price increases of up to 50%+. After discussing it with the Village Board, it was determined that fall leaf vac was an important service to the community and they did not want to give it up and that a 50% increase that did NOT include this service was unacceptable. As a result, the Village put the contract out to bid, posted it on our website and directly sent it to six companies that serve the region.

    Three companies responded to the request for proposals: WM, Groot and LRS.  Following the review of the proposals, staff reached back out to Groot and LRS and gave them an opportunity to sharpen their pencils. Both did and the result was two very close proposals with each including an annual leaf vac program. LRS slightly edged out over Groot with lower leaf vac charges per household per month (by twenty-five cents), landscape waste subscription costs, white good collections, additional cart lease costs, emergency services and a lower annual escalator (4% vs 5%).  

    While there is a price increase, it is comparable to what other communities are paying and a better price than what Warren Township just received. Also, the final price is lower than what LRS originally bid due to efforts by staff to negotiate it down. 

    The Village Board voted on and chose the lowest of the only three bids received.

    View the LRS Contract here: Lakeshore Recycling Systems Residential Contract 2024 - 2029

  3. I received the wrong size waste / recycling cart. How can I get the correct sizes?
  4. If you do not have a cart by June 1st, receive the wrong cart or want a different size, you should call LRS at 844-633-3577 or email them

    Immediately after the deliveries to every address have been completed, LRS will begin fulfilling exchange requests done curbside.

    Please leave your carts at the curb until exchanged. Exchanges and deliveries will be made ONLY at the curb of the home. Exchanges may take up to 2 weeks to complete during this time. We appreciate all understanding. 

  5. When is cart delivery of the new Lakeshore Recycling Systems carts taking place and when can I expect my old Waste Management carts to be removed?
  6. LRS will begin delivering carts on May 20th. The delivery period will last until around May 27th.

    Please note that different style/size carts will be delivered at different times on different days, so you and your neighbors may not receive carts at the same time. For example, if you requested a larger trash cart than your neighbor, one of you may receive the requested cart before the other; however, all residents will have a trash and recycling cart prior to the start of services on Monday, June 3rd. Residents should not take their neighbor's carts and if they are out of town during delivery, someone should grab them for them.

    Waste Management will have special crews removing their equipment starting Tuesday, May 28th and completing June 1st. Waste Management carts will be removed after the service day on which they are emptied. 

    Please leave your cart at the curb WASTE FREE after your service day the week beginning Tuesday, May 28th.

     If your cart is NOT waste free, it will not be picked up and this may result in service issues.
  7. How will billing work for this transition? Can I sign up for auto-pay?
  8. You have paid your Waste Management bill through the end of May; therefore, your first bill from LRS will arrive near the beginning of June, which will be for services that LRS will provide in June 2024, July 2024 and August 2024. The bill will be due by the date specified on the bill, and residents who do not provide payment by that time will incur a late fee.

    You may elect to enroll in auto-payment and/or paperless billing by signing up at:
  9. Why is the Village changing my garbage and recycling hauler?
  10. The Village of Gurnee currently has a residential waste and recycling franchise agreement with Waste Management (WM) that is set to expire at the end of May 2024. Waste Management issued a statement that a contract renewal would include significantly higher rates such as an increase in excess of 30% and no fall leaf vacuum service. 

    In an effort to ensure residents receive the lowest rates and comparable service, the Village issued a request for proposals. Three proposals were received; the Village Board unanimously approved the contract with Lakeshore Recycling Systems (LRS) as it provided the lowest rates for residents, reliable services including fall leaf vacuum service, and enhanced environmental sustainability.

    LRS will begin servicing the Village beginning on Monday, June 3, 2024.
  11. Do I have to participate in the Village franchise hauling agreement?
  12. Under Gurnee Municipal Code Sec. 62-4 (b), every resident must participate in Village’s exclusive residential franchise hauling agreement, which is the waste and recycling service contract with Lakeshore Recycling Systems. 

    This ordinance was voted into law by the Village Board of Trustees. It is very standard for cities and villages in the United States to have exclusive franchise waste hauling agreements for these reasons:

    • Cost Efficiency: The negotiation of rates and terms between the Village and the waste hauling company provides more favorable prices for the residents.

    • Infrastructure Management: Franchise agreements often involve provisions for the maintenance and management of waste collection infrastructure, such as bins and dumpsters, which helps keep the city clean and functional.

    • Public Health and Safety: By having one or few waste hauling companies operating within the Village, the Village can better ensure that proper waste disposal practices and standards are followed, minimizing the risk of public health hazards and environmental pollution.
  13. When will Lakeshore Recycling Systems begin servicing the Village?
  14. Lakeshore Recycling Systems will begin servicing the Village of Gurnee beginning on Monday, June 3rd. 
  15. How will this change impact my bill?
  16. On an annual basis, residents will see the following increases based on what size cart they select:

    • A 35 gallon waste cart will increase $115 annually
    • A 65 gallon cart will increase $90 annually
    • A 95 gallon cart will increase $75 annually

    Most homes under the contract have 95 gallon carts; therefore, the overwhelming majority of residents will incur the lowest annual increase.


  17. How can I view the LRS Contract Pricing and a description of the bill?
  18. Click here to view the LRS Contract Pricing

    Click here to view a Bill Description and Autopayment Signup
  19. Will my garbage/service day remain the same?
  20. Very minimal route changes/service day changes were made to optimize pick up. It’s likely that your service day will remain the same. However, please refer to the map below to view which day your neighborhood will be serviced.

  21. How will the landscape waste collection subscription/sticker program work throughout this transition?
  22. Residents who have yard waste stickers will have to use all their Waste Management stickers by May 31st. 

    Residents who already paid Waste Management for the yard waste subscription were charged a prorated rate.

    Lakeshore Recycling Systems will issue new stickers to retailers prior to the June 1st contract start date and will give residents the option to purchase a landscape waste subscription.

    Stickers can be found at the following retailers and purchased for $2.95/sticker.

    • Ace 4806 Grand Ave., Gurnee, IL
    • Jewel 6509 Grand Ave., Gurnee, IL
    • Mariano's Grand Ave., Gurnee, IL
    • Menards Grand Ave., Gurnee, IL
  23. What if I am not in town during the cart delivery period?
  24. Lakeshore Recycling Systems will still deliver a set of carts (1 for waste and 1 for recycling). We recommend asking a neighbor, relative or friend to bring the carts up from the curb closer to your home.
  25. What is some general information regarding the change in service?
  26. Starting June 3rd, Lakeshore Recycling Systems (LRS) will begin residential waste and recycling collection for the Village. This change applies to residents who don't pay a homeowners association (HOA) for waste collection services. Here's what you need to know:

    • Cart Distribution: Each residence will receive one LRS garbage cart and one LRS recycling cart. Residents who have a yard waste subscription will also receive a LRS yard waste cart.

    • Cart Delivery: Expect delivery of your new LRS carts between May 20th and May 27th.

    • Weekly Collection: LRS will empty garbage and recycling carts once a week on your service day.

    • Route/Service Day Changes: Minimal changes were made to optimize pick-up with only about 12% of service days changing. You can verify your service day by referencing the new Service Day Map.

    • Yard Waste Stickers: New LRS yard waste stickers will be required after June 1st as Waste Management stickers will not be accepted.

    • Billing: Your first bill from LRS, covering June, July, and August services, will arrive in mid-May. Billing will be quarterly in advance of services rendered.

    • Transition from Waste Management: Waste Management will empty ONLY their carts during the final week of service beginning Tuesday, May 28th. Do NOT put out new LRS carts during this week as they will not be serviced.

    • Leave Waste Management Carts Empty: After Waste Management's final collection, leave their carts completely EMPTY at the curb until removal to avoid service issues.
  27. What do I do if my cart does not get delivered?
  28. Although cart deliveries in the Village will begin on May 20th, not all homes will receive 1, 2 or more carts requested on the same day or at the same time. Different trucks will have certain sizes and styles on them. All homes should have a trash container by the first day of service June 1st.  

    If you do not have your new cart by June 1st, you should call Lakeshore Recycling Systems at 844-633-3577 or email at DO NOT take your neighbors' carts--each cart is associated with a specific residence and taking another’s cart may cause significant billing issues.
  29. How will the switch in waste haulers affect commercial or multi-family residential properties?
  30. All commercial properties as well as specific multi-family homeowner associations that have a separate homeowner’s association contract or account will remain part of the Commercial Waste Hauling Agreement with Waste Management.
  31. What if I want a different size cart or an additional one after the May/June deliveries are complete?
  32. Before May 1st, please visit the cart portal here to select and confirm your cart size. If you have not selected a particular cart size by contacting LRS prior to the enrollment deadline of May 1st, you will automatically receive your previous Waste Management selection or a 95 gallon waste cart and a 64 gallon recycling cart. If you decide that you’d like to exchange your cart(s) for a different size, you may do so by contacting LRS at 844-633-3577 or email at We do request you leave the carts you wish to exchange curbside until the exchange takes place.

Frequently Asked Questions Regarding Service

  1. What types of waste will the new hauler collect?
  2. Lakeshore Recycling Systems will take everything that Waste Management picked up. With the addition of white good service as well, Lakeshore Recycling Systems will take items such as dryers, washing machines, freezers and fridges for a service charge.
  3. Are there any changes to the recycling program?
  4. No, there are no changes to the recycling program at this time. Lakeshore Recycling Systems recommends that residents follow the long-standing recycling guidelines here: This includes NOT bagging recyclables.
  5. Are there any new guidelines or regulations for waste disposal under the new hauler?
  6. The only change will be that residents who enroll in the subscription yard waste program will receive and must utilize a 95 gallon yard waste cart. This will identify the residence as being part of the yard waste subscription program, and they may place out additional bags without stickers if needed. 
  7. How will billing work?
  8. Residents will be billed on a 3 month basis (quarterly) in advance of services.
  9. What holidays does LRS observe?
    • New Year’s Day
    • Memorial Day
    • Independence Day
    • Thanksgiving Day
    • Christmas Day
    • Labor Day 

    *Services will be delayed by one day if these holidays fall Sunday through Friday. If the holiday falls on a Saturday, your service day will not be delayed.

  10. How do we report missed collections or other service issues to the new waste hauler?
  11. Once again, please contact Lakeshore Recycling Systems at 844-633-3577 or email at Their customer experience team is available Monday through Friday from 7 AM to 5 PM, and Saturdays from 7 AM to 12 PM.
  12. Will there be any changes to the process for scheduling special pickups or disposing of large items?
  13. Lakeshore Recycling Systems will take appliances for an additional charge. Most appliances require special handling as they may contain harmful chemicals. All appliances/white goods must be prescheduled and prepaid to LRS by calling 844-633-3577 or emailing customer service at

    Appliances include: Air Conditioner, Clothes Dryer, Cook Top & Cooking Plate, Drying Cabinet, Cooker or Bakers Oven, Dishwasher, Freezer, Kitchen Stove or Oven Range, Microwave Oven, Refrigerator or Refrigeration Equipment, Washing Machine, and Water Heaters.
  14. How will the landscape waste collection program work?
  15. Yard waste season is April 1st through November 30th. LRS offers two options for Gurnee residents to dispose of yard waste: a sticker program and subscription service. Residents who enroll in a subscription will pay an annual subscription fee of $140 per season (2024) and be delivered a 95g cart for yard waste. Residents not on the subscription program will be required to purchase an LRS sticker for every yard waste bag or personal container.

    Additionally, LRS will provide the two weeks of free unlimited containerized waste collection during the first two weeks of April.
  16. Will LRS take bulk items?
  17. As with Waste Management, LRS will collect one (1) bulk item per week for no charge. Items are to be placed alongside your LRS cart and include items such as a table, chair, mattress, bed frame, box spring, fixture, toy, and sofa and wall pictures. 

    Mattresses and Box Springs are requested to be secured in a plastic mattress cover for health and safety reasons. Mattress covers are available at hardware stores and other retail outlets.