Green Gurnee Awards Nomination Form

The Village of Gurnee is invested in creating a better environment for our community today and for future generations. In November of 2020, the Village Board approved an Environmental Sustainability Committee consisting of three members of the community and one member of Village Staff. The purpose of the committee is to assist with the Village’s effort to regularly employ and encourage “green” initiatives to protect our valuable land and beautiful open spaces.

The Environmental Sustainability Committee has created the Green Gurnee Awards to spotlight businesses and organizations committed to creating a more sustainable Gurnee. The distinguished Green Gurnee award will encourage other business owners and organizations to evaluate and modify their own business practices while notifying the public of their goal to reduce their carbon footprint.

To apply, establishments must be performing environmentally sustainable practices in the following areas: waste reduction, energy and water conservation, pollution reduction and commitment to the community. After meeting that minimum requirement, the businesses is eligible for either a Gold, Silver or Bronze Award. Tiers for the awards are as follows:

  • Bronze:  20-25 points
  • Silver: 25-34 points
  • Gold: 35+ points

Note: As a base requirement, business must be a participant in the Waste Management's FREE recycling program for businesses. 

The following list includes projects or initiatives taken on by the business with corresponding points to the Green Gurnee designation. Please check all boxes that you believe your business currently accomplishes:

Confirm participation in FREE Waste Management Recycling Program (Zero points, but a required program prerequisite)
Waste Reduction (20 points available)
Energy and Water (10 points available)
Pollution Reduction (15 points available)
Commitment to the Community (5 points available)
Upload documentation/photos here.

Benefits to becoming a Green Gurnee Award recipient include:


  • A certificate of excellence made out to your business with the Mayor’s Signature
  • A bronze color window decal displaying recognizing the achievement.
  • Their logo on the Environmental Sustainability page on the Village website.



All of the above plus

  • A silver color window decal displaying the achievement
  • A notification of the designation in the Village of Gurnee Weekly Announcements and social media accounts.



All of the above plus:

  • A gold color window decal displaying the achievement
  • An invitation to be featured on the Gurnee's Got It Podcast
  • An automatic entry into the “Best of Gurnee” award.


Going Green in Gurnee

Reducing Gurnee’s carbon footprint is the main objective of the Environmental Sustainability Committee. The Committee would like to recognize organizations in Gurnee that take the lead with environmental best practices. The voluntary and free program brings awareness to establishments implementing environmentally sustainable business practices.